Is it a good idea to widen your product range as a pharmacy store?

By: On: 2016-10-25

Pharmacies and medical stores are always offering various products and health based equipments and that is for sure their main product line. But due to the fact, when a customer comes to a health care shop or pharmacy he or she must be looking to buy certain personal care products or may be interested in buying personal care products like pain relief medication, vitamins and also equipments like omron blood pressure monitor or also blood sugar testing equipment.

Though it has been considered that pharmacies should be offering the medical products only and may not be offering various other products like that of a general store. But it is also true that today in Australia, medical stores have started to expand their product line through a considerable range of products that are related to the personal care and improvement and are related to personal health in a way or another.

As, if a store deals with products including Optifast product line and baby formula products and other products in the same category, including nappies or Avent products then they may also offer new born essentials and baby toys, and other things related to baby’s needs, and shops that deal with baby products may also offer maternity or other such products like pregnancy test equipment etc.

In addition to this these shops can also offer weight loss shakes and weight gain supplements and products. It is always considered that having a variety of products that are interrelated to each other can be a good idea and source of better sales when you are running a health store or a pharmacy.

It will increase the sales through making new customers and also will help fulfil the needs of the customers who need to buy other products as well. This will make the store even more reliable and helpful for others and will help you build a better customer base.

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